Paradigm for Radiation Dose monitoring

A New Standard for Dose Monitoring and Protocol Management

RadMapps' Paradigm offers a standard exam list that is all-inclusive, with a granularity streamlined for radiation dose management.

Features & Benefits


All your clients' exams will normalize and correlate to our Paradigm list, which in turn we correlate to your list. This allows uncompromising comparisons within the enterprise (e.g., machine to machine comparison), as well as regionally and nationally. 

Recognition of protocol names and dose-relevant attributes

Paradigm understands the implicit anatomy of protocol names, as well as important exam modifiers such as "Pediatric", "Bariatric", "Vascular", "Multiphase", etc.

The ability to normalize new and unusual exams

RadMapps does the research so that when new technologies and naming conventions appear, your list will be immediately updated.

All normalized attributes are underpinned with RadLex identifiers

RadMapps continuously updates its database with RadLex attribute identifiers as they become available.