Comprehend for PACS

Comprehend is a subscription service that enables a PACS workstation to automatically compare relevant prior exams. This eliminates the need for radiologists to scour a patient's imaging history to find relevant reference studies. It also eliminates the frustration of outside studies not hanging automatically for comparison.

How does it work?

  • With a client-provided study list, Radmapps parses the exams into anatomic and functional attributes.
  • Radmapps establishes commonalities among studies and delivers files that allow PACS workstations to automatically compare relevant prior exams.
  • We will work with you to supply data that works for you.

Comprehend for Fuji PACS

Comprehend™ for Fuji PACS optimizes Fuji Synapse's ability to automatically display relevant prior studies. Whether you are a small clinic or a large teleradiology company reading for multiple hospital systems, RadMapps can create Related Procedures files that will streamline your workflow.

Features & Benefits

Built on the industry's foremost radiologic search and normalization engine

Eight years in the making, Radmapps' Comprehend leverages the evaluation of hundreds of thousands of study descriptions. Virtually every radiologic turn of phrase, abbreviation and misspelling has been parsed and included in our lexicon, assuring utmost accuracy.

Your assurance that critical reference studies will not be overlooked

Large PACS databases often contain tens of thousands of study descriptions not in your RIS list. Radmapps integrates these studies, ensuring that all potentially useful comparisons are presented.

You decide when to receive updates

If your RIS lists changes, if you add a new client (and thus a new RIS list), or if you have an influx of outside (non-RIS) studies, you decide when to re-create updates to your Related Procedures files.

Custom solutions

Tell us what you need; we will work with you to establish a confident and efficient workflow.