Paradigm for Clinical Decision Support

A New and Comprehensive Standard

Until now there has been no industry standard for radiologic exam descriptions. RadMapps' Paradigm provides the first comprehensive orderables list, underpinned by RadLex identifiers and with a granularity that we tailor to fit your CDS model. This allows easy correlation between your client's RIS list and your CDS list.

Features & Benefits

Accuracy and uniformity

Your clients' exams will always find the correct correlate on the RadMapps list, which is directly tied to your proprietary list. RadMapps assures language uniformity across the entire spectrum of studies, virtually guaranteeing that client set-up is rapid, and CDS implementation is accurate.

Automatic recognition of granularity mismatches

Eliminate recommending protocol-specific exams for inappropriate indications, such as PE studies for dissections and aneurysms.

Quickly recognize exams the have no associated clinical indications

RadMapps' normalization and correlation immediately shows recurrent exams that have neither a CDS correlate nor associated indications.

Enhance your CDS model with the ability to display patients' related prior exams

Physicians' ability to order the optimal study is greatly enhanced when they can see the patient's radiologic exam history. RadMapps brings years of experience in mapping exam descriptions for PACS' automated comparison hanging to Clinical Decision Support, guaranteeing that you can dynamically display your clients' patients' relevant prior exams.