radiologic procedure mapping and classification

Welcome to RadMapps' Dose Index Registry information page

RadMapps is the ACR's choice for mapping of DIR facilities' exam descriptions to the RadLex Playbook.   Our radiologic lexicon and sophisticated search algorithms will find the Playbook correlates that you need for meaningful dose reporting.     Show me...

    Price Structure   You pay only for your facility's uniquely-named exam descriptions. For example, you may be doing thousands of scans, but if your list of procedures contains only 150 exams, you'll pay $350 for the entire study. (On average a facility submits 120 unique study description.)

    For these quantities of unique exam names you'll pay:  
    • 0-50 procedures = $200
    • 51-100 procedures = $250
    • 101-150 procedures = $350
    • 151-250 procedures = $450
    • 251-500 procedures = $650
    • 501-800 procedures = $1000
    • 801-1200 procedures = $1250

    How Does it Work?   Simply send us a spreadsheet of Procedure Codes and Descriptions from your chargemaster list. We will map and return them for your corroboration. When your reporting period approaches, download a spreadsheet of all uploaded CT exam descriptions from your DIR Study User page, and send them to us for a finalized crosswalk mapping. (This retrospective enables us to map exam descriptions outside your standard chargemaster list, and to accommodate newly-created Playbook studies.)

We do not receive patient information from our clients or the ACR. We only data we receive are the exam codes and descriptions.

To register your facility with RadMapps

  1. Send us a signed copy of the RadMapps DIR Service Agreement. Send it to
    • Joel Lidstrom
    • 6370 County 14
    • Caledonia, MN 55921
  2. Send us an email with the following information:
    • DIR Facility ID
    • Facility Name
    • Facility Address
    • Facility Administrator's Name
    • Facility Administrator's email
    • Send it to

Questions?  Email us at